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Mark Lundholm – Comedian -Performing in Dalton 2015

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Finding peace from the pains experienced in addiction is neither fun nor easy. Finding humor in it is even harder. But Mark Lundholm, of Oakland California, is a performer and comedian who has done exactly that by overcoming his addiction and achieving a life of recovery and sobriety.

With an introspective narrative like approach, Mark humorously explores some of the most painful memories and experiences of his life in a way that not only makes audiences laugh, but more importantly, makes them relate.

Mark’s Rock Bottom

When speaking about his rock bottom, Mark explains that he’d been suicidal, and that on this particular day he’d broken into a motel, put a gun into his mouth, and pulled the trigger. The gun didn’t go off. Speaking about the currents that led to that day, he says that people in his life would ask him, “What was so bad that you have to take your own life?”

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unity with community event

His response was that “I had no idea what to do with myself so why not just check out, and I won’t have to wonder about it anymore. I was looking for a cure. That’s the truth.” The day was October 20, 1988, and it would be the last day that Mark would ever use drugs or alcohol.

How Recovery Changed His Life

Today, Mark performs on some of the entertainment industries biggest and most prestigious stages. This has included Showtime, Comedy Central, NBC, CBS, and A&E, but he always remembers where his road started from by performing at rehabs, shelters, and prisons for free.

Intertwined in Marks humor are truths about recovery and lessons about life that can only be born of hard bought experience. It is these uplifting undertones that really make his comedic stance shine. Laughter is a wonderful way of helping us let down our guard and opens us to be able to better receive his profoundly uplifting message about a subject that very often leaves nothing to smile about.

Please click Mark Lundholm’s Unity with the Community in Dalton Georgia, September 26th at the Historic Wink Theatre for more information about the event, or call 706-226-7044.

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